Nothing Is Real

by Schlammblut

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released March 4, 2017

Recorded and produced in the misty winter ov 2016
Final mix by Sergiy Fjordson
Logo by Ania S.



all rights reserved


Schlammblut Germany

RIP Schlammblut

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Track Name: Stab That Whore
Enter the 8th void ov my sacred dreams. I was laying with her and enjoying her meat. I was dying on her while she drained on me. Until that bastard arrived. Unkown to me I felt frightened. And when he pulled his knife I was enlightened. STAB THAT WHORE and you will be liberated. How could you do that to me after all that we have been through. All that will prevail says nothing about myself. All I see in the water ov time is someone else. I Have traveled far beyond to witness lies and pain. I have evolved into all that I have blamed.
Track Name: Sadionic
m the darken wizard hated by you. I'm the black void fire engaged into you. I'm thy deepest fear. Feel me know. Take a stare into my eyes and freeze. NO TRENDS. nothing. Just the sarcophagus and me within. Eternal silence. Eternal Blackness. I can see THE TOWER from here. He spreads his madness you never understood. You never saw. You never looked beyond. You don't know what real pain is. And I'm its master. O great fire ov nothing devour me now. Then I will be chained unto freedom. I stopped caring the moment I couldn't believe how cruel life is.
Track Name: A White Forest (The Chemical Domain)
In the white forest. where my psychosis was born. Were my dreams live. Were truth died and was reborn. Chasing fading memories. When I enter my CHEMICAL DOMAIN. Shadows start to explode and I turn insane. Pain high gains in my brain. The right way was always. Me. I'll stay forever in my chemical domain. Four seasons ov decay and hate.
Track Name: Nothing Is Real
NOTHING IS REAL. I can't feel. nothing is real. I can't see. nothing is real. I can't breathe. Worthless existance. Rotting. Rusting. Waiting. Pending. I wish I could vanish. Embracing the great nothing. Still waiting for something. Agnostic but yet the born pessimist. Esoteric spells my soul just can't resist. When the days ov my miserable life will be over. I'll be set free. To finally LIVE MY DEATH.
Track Name: Liquid Disorder
I am the sacrifice . I am the altar. I am the temple. I am the knife. I was the ritual I'll be the blessing. I'll be the curse. I was the flame. Fire. Water. LIQUID DISORDER. I can't handle this pain. Neither can I live without it. So I keep chasing. The things that will hurt me. I love to scar myself. Dreams. Fears. Without them I am nothing.
Track Name: The Tower
This force unchained can't be regained. I will destroy all things that you care about. Strange vocies mumbling directions. Leading you the black castle. Leading you to the black sword. Leading you to the black mirror. Seeing yourself inside. And leading the black sword you. Darkness from the depths ov your mind. Creates the blackest void. The true strength ov my memories. The catalyst inside. Creates thegreates impact. Black matter shines bright. ALL THAT WILL PREVAIL. SAYS NOTHING ABOUT MYSELF. ALL I SEE IN THE WATER OV TIME. IS SOMEONE ELSE. I HAVE TRAVELD FAR BEYOND. TO WITNESS LIES AND PAIN. I HAVE EVOLVED. INTO ALL THAT I HAVE BLAMED. THINGS HAVE CHANGED. REALITY IS NOTHING MEANT TO BE. ALL THIS ICE SURROUNDING ME IS MY MONASTERY.